Why Pen Needles?

What are pen needles and why choose them over other insulin delivery methods?

Pen Needles attach to injector pen devices to deliver insulin into the body. They consist of a protective tab, an outer cap, an inner protective needle shield, the needle or cannula and needle hub.

Pen devices are quickly becoming the most popular way to deliver insulin. In fact some new medications are only available for use with a pen device. Pen’s come in two forms, pre-filled disposable pens and re-usable pens that use a cartridge. A pen needle is attached to the end of the pen and the dose of medication is dialed into the pen device.

Pen needles with your pen injector have several advantages over the vial and syringe method:

  • More convenient – especially while on the go
  • Easier to use
  • Deliver a more accurate dose
  • Provide smoother, more comfortable injections
  • Offer discretion