Facet is one of the largest providers of lancets and lancing devices in the world. We manufacture primarily 28, 30, and 33 gauge lancets. Our lancets are used throughout the world in partnership with leading medical OEMs and retailers to support the treatment of diabetes.

Lancing Devices

Lancing Device

Ergonomically designed, our lancing device allows patients to obtain blood samples with minimal effort.



Designed for Ease of Use

  • Easy to hold, easy to charge, easy to activate
  • Multiple depth options for maximum patient comfort
  • Includes cap for alternate site testing option

Ergonomic Design

  • Device fits easily and discreetly in the patient’s hand
  • Small size allows device to easily fit most meter cases
  • Smooth shape is comfortable to hold and use

New and Unique Lancet Guidance Technology

  • Designed for minimal pain sampling
  • Compatible with most standard lancets and blood glucose meters

Heel Lancets

Heel lancets feature a sweeping action that quickly and easily produces blood flow, reduces reject, and are less painful.

Heel Lancet

Branded Products

SURESEAL® Pressure Bandages

SURESEAL® self-activating pressure bandages are the preferred alternative to traditional dressings.



Get dialysis patients home sooner

  • Fast self-expanding cellulose sponge applies pressure to reduce clotting time
  • Adhesive strip securely seals the pad to help prevent bleed-through
  • Two SureSeal products are available that are not made with natural rubber latex


  • Clean and comfortable for the patient
  • Allows patients to leave clinic faster and with confidence*


  • 4-sided design seals & isolates the wound from elements creating a sterile barrier

Simple and easy to use
Sleek and modern solution
*when compared to gauze and tape closure

Private Label


Facet presents Quintapoint®, the newest in Pen Needle technology. Quintapoint® five beveled needle tip technology provides additional comfort. This unique design features two additional precision cut bevels or angled edges that create a flatter and thinner needle tip geometry resulting in a smoother injection.